How safe is your swimming pool?

A swimming pool can be a great asset to a home and will be a place where your family and friends make lasting memories. If you do not have a proper pool inspection, that dream of owning the house with a pool can turn into a nightmare.

This is not something you want to leave alone. If you are buying a home with a pool or spa, you need to get it inspected!!!

Just as a home inspection informs you about the condition of the home you are interested in purchasing, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool. This service can be included with an initial inspection or it can be conducted independently.

It is our goal to exceed our customers expectations for quality and service, while paying close attention to each customers individual needs. When you contact Baseline Home Inspections LLC, you can rest assured that we are working for you! Call us for your Pool and/or Spa Inspection today or schedule an appointment below.

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